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We are the producer of the original automatic shut off colloid maker. Colloid Master ® Trusted and perfected since 1998 - 3 Year Warranty.


Synergenesis Inc was closed in 2018, the Colloid Master is still avialable at




Colloid Master ® The Best colloidal silver maker!  Trusted and perfected since 1998. Small particle size. Make colloidal silver yourself inexpensively with the press of a button! The Colloid Master is professionally designed, engineered and constructed. Made in the USA by Hand! is our retail website for the Colloid Master. We also have articles about colloidal silver and FAQ and self help pages for those becoming aquainted with the Colloid Master, here:


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Colloid Mastwer AC The easy to use, safe low-voltage, fully automatic shut-off, adjustable ppm from 5-20 parts per million, colloidal silver maker, colloidal silver generator. Get yours now here:

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