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Colloidal Silver Making Equipment

Colloidal Silver Research

Synergenesis, Inc. P. O. Box 92 Coker Creek, TN 37314

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Made by us with pride, in the U.S.A.

Colloid Master ® Reliable, trusted and perfected since 1998.
Professionally designed, engineered and constructed.
Sophisticated yet simple to use!
Adjustable (ppm) parts per million.
Automatic shut off based on ppm setting.
Safe low voltage.
Electrokinetic stirring.
Complete kit, just add distilled water & jar.
Includes power supply and silver electrodes.
Designed to produce consistently small particles.
3 year parts and workmanship warranty.
30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Colloid Master ® is colloidal silver dispersing equipment, also called colloidal silver makers, sometimes called a colloidal silver generator, used to make your own colloidal silver.

Years of dedication, creativity, research, development and just-plain hard-work, is the foundation behind the creation of the Colloid Master. It is this kind of spirit that fuels our continued longevity as a company. Pride in excellence is what assures that our customers get quality, and guarantees our place among the best choices for this type of equipment into the future.

As they say, you get what you pay for. There is a difference between the real-thing, and an imitation promoted merely as slick-presentation to make-believe. Quality and durability used to be an American standard, although these days hype and fancy packaging are too-often surrogates for substance.

Our product is not an amateurish dud, nor is it a fancy-looking mass produced piece-of-junk, that, by design, dies as soon as the warranty runs out. The appearance of a better deal might be just that, merely an appearance, designed to make-believe.

We are first to offer the Automatic shut off, polarity switching colloidal silver maker. The first of its kind on the market, the Colloid Master. Accept no knock-off substitutions. Go with quality, integrity, service and experience!

It's about taking pride in quality and originality!

Synergenesis, Inc. was founded as a research and development company, we still are.

We take pride in the fact that we are U.S.A. based, and we have never faltered in our commitment to quaility and contibuting to making our Country a better place, that embraces American workers, not merely profit!

The study of colloidal systems relates to the essence of matter and the fabric of life itself. Therefore it should come as no surprise that advances in this field of endeavor are already profoundly benefiting and positively impacting humanity, even if most people are not aware as such. We already see the seeds of future progress sprouting in our and others work. We know that it is virtually certain that future advances will bring benefits in unanticipated ways. The world could use more pleasant surprises, don't you agree?

What is the difference between Colloid Master AC and the Colloid Master Universal?

The differences are many, however the main difference is also the reason for the name given to each model:

The name Colloid Master AC signifies that it can only be powered via 110 Volts AC.
Colloid Master Universal signifies that it can be powered by multiple power source types, such as 110 Volts AC, also 220-240 Volts AC, or with the optional regulated DC adapter (Item #13) it can be run via 12 volt cigarette lighter receptacles or RV outlets. It can also be powered via the terminals of any 12 volt battery or via the load connectors on a 12 Volt Solar system.

Although the enclosures of both models of the Colloid Master look similar, the circuitry inside is completely different for each model of the Colloid Master.

The Colloid Master Universal is a more rugged industrial design in terms of the circuit board and overall construction. It is made tougher and is more durable in order to withstand off-grid, remote-location, in-field use, as well as being better able to tolerate the rigors and abuses of being shipped long distances.

Either Colloid Master is a good choice, each comes with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee, as well as a 3 year warranty.

The important thing to know is that the silver dispersions created with either unit are nearly identical.


  • Be honest. 
  • Aim to satisfy customers every time. 
  • Challenge and improve all we do. 
  • Be passionate about our people. 
  • Act cooperatively as a team of individuals with personality.
  • Measure success through customer satisfaction not just profit. 
  • Make a difference in the world.